Bros E. Vassilakou C.O. was founded in 1932, located nearby the Piraeus port. The Company’s activity has always been the production of all kind of brooms and brushes for any kind of use, either for home use, or professional even industrial use.

Our Firm carries up today the long and well known tradition that has built step by step all these years.

Our Efforts have always been based on the combination of the High Technology machinery & equipment we use together with our long term specific experience.

The personnel is well – trained and experienced and it is features like these that make our company a dynamic and healthy one among the market. Due to such features we can say that we were never afraid of competition, on the contrary, it was always us who provided it through our innovations.

The Quality of our products, the Trust that we have been shown from our customers up to now, our revolutionary Innovations are some of the features that grow up our Prospect and Visions for the future.

Our products are manufactured with the best materials by paying respect to all international standards, long lasting, and functional, due to the high tech equipment that our technical department is using.

We gained creditability in the internal market and not only there, because our efforts never stop until we meet the ideal results in quality. The high standard customer service we provide, our crystal economic policies, and the innovations that we keep bringing up, are features that cause the title of this paragraph.

The “Multi” line is a unique novelty of our design department and it brings a fresh perspective in the saturated brush market. The “Multi” innovation is the articulated apparatus which helps the user with its unique ability of changing the angle of the broom therefore resulting in a “Multi angle broom”.

Prospect & Visions
The mutual spirit of our personnel, combined with our content investments in the latest High Tech machines and equipments through the experience we gain day by day is finally our precious heritance.

Keeping in mind all the above mentioned, one can understand that our vision is to stay there at the top, leaders of the market as we do all these years now.

Company’s Philosophy
We design products that their use are meant for either the professional customer or a simple one. Maintaining the quality in very high standards, the ease of our products’ use, and last but not least our competitive price list are some of the features that keep us going all the way till now, and we intend to keep it this way for the future.

Special orders

Adelvassi Innovation

Made with the same
quality standards set
as the brooms, to satisfy the
specific uses that was


Special orders

We producie any kind of industrial brushes no matter the product specialization or the detailed orientation. Our goal still remains the satisfaction of our customer’s needs.


participation in exhibitions

Our company’s growth and development, our determination to keep up with all the latest evolution in our sector, are the basic factors that motivate us to participate in almost all Exhibitions having to do with our sector and products.





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